Wellcome to a JFR Professional Solutions

The website of JFR Professional Solutions it's the profesional website of Joan Fernández Ribas, web developper degree in senior technician in development of computer applications and with a long carrer of more than 15 years in the world of design and web programming. During this years, i design and develop all king of web projects like: Personal websies, websites for small business, big websites for companies, websites for cultural entities, design and creation of online stores, or programing of all kind of applicatons like: content managers, online schedulle, customer areas, intranets, etc.

From the website JFR Professional Solutions, i offer all kind of professional servicies with the best quality and, with the most modern technolgies of the market for give at companies and persons tools as modern as possible and adapted at all kind of device either computer, movile phone or tablet. The main services that i offer in this website are:

Website development

Desenvolupament Web

The main service that i offer from my website, it's the development of websites. I make all kind of websites, from small personal websites, passing throught corporative websites for small business and pymes until big websites for big companies. I use the most modern technologies of the market and , the websites that i develop, are 100% reponsive (completly adapted at any device  with internet conection either computer, movie phone or tablet).

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e-commerce development

Desenvolupament de botigues online

Every day it's becomming more and more important have presence on internet and, the online sale every year, increases exponentially. For this reason form JFR Professional Solutions, i develop all kind of online stores from small shops for give at your business a new way of sales throught internet, until create a business only for the network. I use the most modern technologies in e-commerce development with the most modern tools and completly adapted at any device.

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Custom programming

Desenvolupament a mida

In the actually, the world of internet, it's not only create a  simple website for being seen around the world or an online store for sell. The possibilities that it offer are bigger. And, it's for this reason, that i offer a development service of applications completly customized for solve this needs that you can have for make more easy the managment of your business, entity or your personal live. Tools completly customized and adapted at your needs.

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SEO Positioning

Posicionament SEO

Besides having a good presence, in the actually, it' very important too, have a good positioning in the main search enginnes of internet, specially on Google. For solve this need, i offer the service of SEO positioning, where i have a study of your business or entity, and based on the study i create a positioning campaign, that will have that your business or company will be on the top of the main search engines.

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Hosting management

Gestió de Hosting i dominis

Besides create your website or online store, i can do too, if you need, the managment of the hosting of your websites, either the hosting (place where is hosted the website) or the domain (the address of your website). I manage the renovations of hosting or domain and all it's internal management (files, data bases, etc.). I work with the best hosting servicies, that assure an operation with an  effectiveness of the 99.99%.

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Web maintenance

Manteniment Web

Besides create your website, or your online store and/or application, it's available too, the service of mainenance, that incorporates the creation of new functionalities for your online store, expand your website or update any software.

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