From JFR professional Solutions, during the recent years i have been developping different kinds of web projects, all with the best quality, professionalism and, using the best and more advanced tools in the market of software for web design and development. Below, you will find a selection of any of this projects developped:


Vista de la botiga de HobbyFreakLand it's an online store dedicated to sell products related with any hobbies "friks". Between them, have the sale of products related with comic, products related with manga, products related with videogames, and products related with series and manga. Apart, it's dedicated too, to sale manga comics,  board games, role games and card games. This shop it's completly design and programmed by JFR Professional Solutions.

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Associació Messies Participatiu de Barcelona

Vista de la web de la web del messies participatiu de Barcelona

The Associació Messies Participatiu de Barcelona, it's a cultural entity dedicated to organize one time per year a concert of messiah of Handel in the city of Barcelona and in a participatory way. Apart, during the year, they're organize other participatory concerts and another kind of cultural activities. In the actuallly, JFR Professional Solutions have partly, the update of the website and create new internal functionalities for the managment of the partners of the entity.

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Vista de la web de Ledledled

Italian online store dedicated to sell online light bulbs and lamps. This website it's specialized in led technology. This website it's completly developed for me and my services have been hired by a technologic italian company.

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Groupe deco

Vista de la web de Groupe Deco

Groupe Deco it's a company ubicated in Agullana (Girona) and it's dedicated to design and construct  swimming pools and another activities. Before start the activity with JFR Professional Solutions, this was one of the web projects where i was working directly making all the programming of the website.

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